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    Hospitality Rule N° 6 »

    If you have the drive, you can thrive.

    When a company's entrepreneurial spirit is extended to every employee, it's a lot easier to get up to go to work. That's because you have a day ahead of you where anything's possible. Where you're gonna be rewarded for your hard work instead of feeling like a cog. So carpe de-morning.

    Hospitality Rule N° 7 »

    To make your guests feel like family, you have to start with your employees.

    Treating employees like family has always been a part of the culture created by Gene, our founder. In fact, it's not uncommon to see Gene's wife Nancy at our headquarters. She still oversees the interior design of all of our hotels. Thanks, Mom.

    Hospitality Rule N° 8 »

    Provide your guests with a little peace and quiet, and they'll shout about it.

    When guests like staying with you, word spreads. And so do your locations. That's why we're aggressively expanding throughout the Southwest. We believe guests deserve a little R&R, no matter where they are traveling. Hear what we're saying?

    Hospitality Rule N° 9 »

    The more experience an operator has, the better the experience the guest has.

    With more than 45 years experience in the industry, you tend to learn how to make guests feel at home.

    Hospitality Rule N° 10 »

    Always be there for your guests and they’ll always be back.

    It takes effort, but you get back everything you put into it. In our case, it’s our guests that keep coming back again and again.

    Hospitality Rule N° 11 »

    Be a good steward. Of people and the things they value. Like their time.

    When you make every effort to be punctual, and show up when you say you will show up, people feel valued.

    Hospitality Rule N° 12 »

    Treat every guest as you would a guest in your own home.

    Don’t you love it when someone spoils you with kindness? Everybody does.

    Hospitality Rule N° 13 »

    Live by these words: At your service.

    Enough said.

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